Benefits and applications

Benefits and real applications

Reduced payback period

Reduction of energy consumption between 10% and 60%, thanks to the reduction of the pressure drops

Reduce time and cost of installation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, thanks to the installation with chain

No sanitizing treatments of the well, as it is prevented bacterial growth

Impossible to pollute the aquifer or sabotage the well (perfectly isolated from the external environment)

Can be used on new wells either on wells already in operation


Our system allows to isolate the surface aquifers, preventing pollution of aquifers deeper. It is possible drawing water from deeper aquifers

It is possible the recovery of wells decommissioned or abandoned without the need to apply for new permits for drilling

It is possible to realize wells of emergency, that do not require periodic maintenance or long waiting times for the startup

Example of real application

Example of revamping of an existing well


-Pump installation depth 51mt
-Pump power 70 cv. ≈ 52 kW
-Pipe Ø273 mm and thickness3 mm, Aisi 304
-Investment≈ 18.000 €


-Increased water flow: +8%
-Energy consumption: -7%
-Annual saving ≈ 11.000 €
-Payback period ≈ 1,5 Years